A brilliant combination of innovative design, advanced precision engineered aluminium and plastics, new-generation cutting-edge fabrics and state-of-the-art high-definition printing technology.

Fixed-size display kits have been around for years, but all tend to look the same in terms of size and structure, and they are not always as portable as claimed! Now, thanks to the latest state-of-the-art technology, we can provide virtually any size, shape or format of banner, poster or flag, ranging from a desktop to a jumbo hanging banner. Whether you want a desktop mini-display or a massive extended wall display the size of the Bayeux Tapestry, it’s now possible to supply the precise tailor-made portable you would like. They are delightfully easy to set-up and install, unbelievably light in weight and cleverly compact when packed down into carry bags.

Flexi-Lite portable displays are perfect for discerning marketers, in-store designers and exhibition managers who require unique, custom-made sizes for their sales presentations, in-store promotions and showroom campaigns. Alchemy are experts at creating complete suites of design-themed displays, such as complementary floor banners, wall posters and ceiling hangers; all of which are supplied fully equipped and ready to apply. They all come with ingenious snap-lock fittings and fixings for rapid hand-assembly – everything is included to make your display installation, transportation and application simple and ultra-efficient.

Whether you order a single display or a thousand kits, Alchemy’s Flexi-Lites are the ultimate bespoke portable display solution. It all adds up to brilliant visual portable solutions that are fast becoming the preferred choice for modern day multi-venue expo, sales presentations and in-store promotions.

Flexi-Lite fabric portables are available as double-sided or single-sided banners, or the increasingly popular ‘see-through’ versions. How do they look? Absolutely stunning! Because Flexi-Lite fabric displays are robust and durable with a unique natural sophisticated textural quality – they are fashionable and chic and certain to impress and motivate your audience.
To complete your portable expo presentation requirements, Alchemy also offer a range of Flexi-Lite free-standing illuminated pillars, backlit counters, stools and display kits. Alchemy supply one-off displays or high volumes for distribution in the UK or globally.