Alchemy setting digital retail standards

Alchemy’s spectacular state-of-the-art shop-windows and in-store displays are setting new standards in digital retail presentation.

Alchemy have developed a radical new design approach for retail displays and in-store presentation. Until recently, the choice of flat-screen media such as plasma, LCD’s and cumbersome video projection, has limited the potential for highly creative digital displays in modern retail environments. Now, because of the latest state-of-art modular video-screen technology, Alchemy are delivering exciting new high impact alternatives for shop windows, in-store promotions, showrooms and shopping-mall roadshow displays. For short-term or fixed installation, the advanced new digital technology is available for purchase or rent where costs can be amortised over a campaign, or corporate fiscal period.

As shown in the photo above, this latest design initiative, has moved shop window presentation to a higher plane. It signals a new era of creativity for retail companies that want to attract, entertain and engage their media-savvy digitally-aware customers. This display was installed at a major department store in Knightsbridge, London, and the Alchemy design included a distinctive ‘flying shelf’ design which cleverly combined cutting-edge modular video-screen technology with an integral transparent cosmetics product display.

Alchemy Digital Live are appointed resellers of MicroTiles, Christies’ remarkable state-of-the-art digital audio/visual screen modules, which are actually cube-shaped and similar to building blocks in size. They can be designed, configured and constructed into a multitude of shapes including sweeping walls, standalone pillars or grouped-screen applications.

The days of inflexible fixed screens are numbered, because modular digital displays that harness the world’s most advanced digital technology, is readily available. The video screen tiles seamlessly interlink and can be individually programmed for multi-layered and cross-screen presentations. There is no restriction on the number of modules that can be used, which means that design configurations and content applications invite diverse presentation and compelling aesthetic concepts. Because each ‘tile’ is effectively a single projected screen, any shape, and any-size of design can be achieved; from a small screen area to a massive sweeping showroom wall or eye-catching standalone digital pillars. Alchemy handles the content management too, where all modes of dynamic video, graphics, messages, and sound track can be accommodated.

Alchemy are dedicated to design excellence and the provision of innovative solutions that excites their clients and engage their customers. The group company is a diverse resource, designing and installing projects for all types of exhibitions, events and spatial environments for worldwide application.