Alchemy launch new website

Alchemy proudly announce their new website for faster customer-friendly time-saving responsive communications.

In line with their 2014 marketing strategy and the opening of their dedicated Digital Live audio/visual service channel, Alchemy Expo Limited have just launched their new corporate website. It represents a dynamic new centralised marketing platform to publicise their widening solutions services, latest innovative designs, cutting-edge technology and important ongoing news information. Pictorial project galleries are a central feature and they visually demonstrate Alchemy’s breadth of applications and bespoke design quality currently being produced for all events, spatial environments and applications in the industrial and retail markets.

The new corporate site utilises the latest modern parallax responsive technology, which essentially allows for full-width screen imagery that auto-adjusts to suit the range of viewing platforms in use. Alchemy believe that their new website is an important marketing and communication hub, primarily because it addresses their customer demands for ‘on the go’ access, where managers and decision-makers are relying more and more on their smaller screen tablets and mobile devices.

The site supports customers in their daily use of Desktops, Laptops, iPads, iPhones and all Android tablets and hand-held mobile devices. There are minimal ‘clicks’ required as pages can be swiftly touch-scrolled, which is considered to be the fastest and most natural method of scanning and sourcing of specific online information. This means that the site is extremely responsive and can be accessed out of office anywhere, at any time, which contributes to saving of management communication time.

Alchemy anticipate that their new technology transitions will continue to exponentially increase through continued innovative design development and new partnerships. It is considered to be the right time to present a different ultra-efficient approach in website-driven marketing and online customer communications. The design principle was based on the creation of the minimal content to achieve maximum results. The new website hub, which will enable global clients to remain fully informed at the earliest possible time.