A holistic corporate presentation service…

…the perfect answer for companies seeking absolute brand continuity and economic optimisation.

Alchemy are offering a new-style all-in-one corporate service package to clients that have an annual requirement for internal corporate presentations, annual exhibitions, conferences and retail high street or trade showroom displays. Precision engineered architecture, beautifully branded inter-illuminated fabric walls, extraordinary modular digital-screen technology, large format portable display suites and an outstanding bespoke design capability, make a compelling argument for boardroom decision makers to consider the Alchemy dedicated one-source expo solution, whatever the event or application.

The advantages of utilising a single-source bespoke designer and implementation group to support the complete corporate presentation, marketing and display requirement, offers an important opportunity for both senior decision-makers and financial directors. It allows them to plan, programme and optimise their annual sales and marketing budgets across the entire spectrum of exhibitions, conferences, retail and in-store display, portable displays, reception displays, wall coverings, training rooms and roadshows.

Alchemy have found that traditionally many of their clients plan and buy-in their exhibition, corporate display and conference services from single-capability specialists, often on a project-by-project basis. In the past, specialist exhibition, conference, audio-visual and display suppliers have tended to perpetuate the principle of one-discipline supply services.
These days, discerning expo managers, are seeking more and more methods to reduce expenditure and amortise designs, materials and structures over longer fiscal periods. Multiple events, repetitive presentations or flexible retail displays have to be established and administered without compromising the design, build or installation quality. Even the storage footprint, reuse and recycling of expo-display materials for environmental compliance has to be considered at the earliest planning stages. Alchemy create systemised modular architectural and digital display solutions which answer all of these criteria and more.

Many corporates have streamlined their management and budget planning strategies, employing new in-house practices and expert personnel to integrate all aspects of their internal and external sales and marketing presentation. The reasons are both timely and logical, because the prime objective is to radically decrease management time, reduce expo costs and amortise expenditure over the longer term.

As confirmed by Andrew Butcher, Director of Alchemy Expo Limited. “We have now established a new model expo-service, where innovative design and cutting-edge technology delivers a total solution for across-the-board corporate presentation and display requirements. This unified cohesive corporate service is now possible, because we recently formed a new dedicated service channel Alchemy Digital Live, which fulfils our holistic services promise as a new consolidated one-stop provider. We are already developing solutions for clients in the financial sector. The benefits for our clients are extremely broad-based: they include expert one-stop consultancy, cost-efficient collaboration, project optimisation, advanced design-to-cost and visualisation processes; all of which result in reduced management time, discretionary finance opportunities and tax-related budget amortisation.”