Alchemy’s digital live solutions

Alchemy’s digital live solutions are transforming conferences into powerful state-of-the-art audio/visual experiences.

Digital Live, Alchemy’s newly formed specialist audio-visual service channel, is designing groundbreaking state-of-the-art solutions for all types of corporate conference events. Unlike traditional audio-visual equipment providers, Alchemy design, produce and project-manage the complete presentation including the architectural design, back-drop display production; digital screen displays and on-site installation.

Alchemy’s 3D stage-sets and backdrops are designed with precision-engineered environmentally-friendly systemised architecture and cutting-edge display materials, such as lightweight internally illuminated branded fabric-walls and high-finish surfaces. Alchemy utilise traditional LED, Plasma, or LCD fixed-size screens; or MicroTiles the world-class state-of-the-art digital modular screen and visualisation technology. Alchemy are appointed resellers for MicroTiles which are fast becoming the preferred a/v screen choice because they allow for unlimited design configurations and pure high-resolution vivid imagery especially developed for ambient low-light environments.

MicroTile cubes measure just 408mm x 306mm (16 x 12″). Each module incorporates rear projection and is independently programmable, so the client’s screen presentation can be creatively applied. Because of the building-block nature of the system, the design and configuration of the overall screen areas and shapes is unlimited and non-standard shapes can be applied.
A unique system, MicroTiles are designed with built-in proven protection for durability and secure handling and transportation. All conference stage presentations and digital a/v screen set-ups are completed, constructed and tested prior in Alchemy’s pre-build arena prior to dispatching to the conference venue. On-site installations are swift and efficient, minimising on-site set-ups and maximising rehearsal time. We offer purchasing and/or flexible rental packages to amortise costs over an agreed fiscal time period.
As conference professionals, our multimedia team collaborate, advise, design and manage the client’s entire digital content which includes the programming of the clients’ formal slide presentation, speaker autocue, editing and the integration of video sequences, animation and computer graphics. Alchemy Digital Live provide diverse audio-visual conference solutions in the corporate, hospitality, public and retail sectors. Wider a/v applications include shopping centres, retail stores fashion shows; and for corporate environments: reception areas, meeting rooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, classrooms and lecture theatres.